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Transform with the New Moon.

Let Go Let Flow

28 Okt-3 Nov 2024 Malaga, Spanien

"Come on a healing journey. Align and reset at the Tropical Coast, Nerja, Spain."

Dedicate yourself to a powerful and deep transit between  autumn to winter in an organic, smooth and conscious way. A beautiful journey back to our Natural and Higher self in the midst of a sub-tropical climate. This retreat offers numerous surprises organized by a dedicated and passionate crew, providing opportunities to meet new people and connect with the nature of Andalucia. The food will be organic, clean, alkaline, and prepared with love and high nutritional awareness."

Sometimes life goes so fast that we lose connection and integration between the mental, emotional and spiritual spheres, and this creates imbalance in life and in our prana. When we transform in big steps in life, for instance when we have to adapt to a seasonal change, or if our life is changing radically somehow, and we are thrown into a chaos, it seems  useful to have knowledge about the cycle and process of transformation, so that we know how to let go and embrace the new into our lives. 

We feel that the concept of Transformation is of high value to be aware of in life and interesting to dive deeper into so that we can grasp its wonderful essence.   


Transformation: Trance “Transire” (latin),  had the etymological meaning: “to go across”, from one place to another. To transform is part of life in all of Nature, and this natural process is allowing ourselves to Grow and Evolve. “Transir” (old french), meant: “depart” and to depart from one place, means letting go of and saying goodbye to a place. So the meaning of “Trance” and 

“Formation” together seems to tell us that in the process of letting go we also change forms. This is evolution and an important aspect of life.


The retreat invites us to explore and understand  the process and cycle of the magical concept of Transformation as it applies to all life on Earth. It invites us to understand the beautiful cycle of life and death, the art of letting go and the art of receiving the new. We will work on a deep cellular and tissue level with powerful techniques in order to integrate Transformation holistically mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

We will focus on the 1st Novembers New Moon shift in Scorpio- element Water and transit the shift of seasons with a good cleansing so that we can embrace the upcoming winter with love and extra care. In the midst of Tropical Coast we will focus on the 1st Nov.  Under the influence of the element of Water, the retreat also invites us to flow easier with life, with less obstacles and teaches us to deal with bigger life transformations. The winter invites us to return to our nests for a while so we can meditate and hibernate peacefully before the rebirth of next spring. So let”s embrace the winter consciously and give ourselves extra attention to attain acceptance and self-awareness . Lets strive for a fresh start, clear intentions and a peace of mind. Lets recuperate; re-set, re-charge and learn how to listen to your deepest centre. 


Start your day with rejuvenating Yoga and Breathwork, followed by Meditation, establishing a foundation of vitality and well-being. Dive deeper into your healing journey with Anayah's transformative Breathwork, morning breathworks meditation and sound journeys, offering a profound somatic experience and trauma release through silent therapy. Engage in the Biodanza System with Magdalena to explore life's transformations through dance, music, and group dynamics.


Participate in a unique Cacao and Rapé ceremony led by Shaman Coyote Medicina Lukasz, crafted to open your heart and unlock new possibilities.


Moreover, during the period of the retreat there is a world wide energy focusing on the All Saints day accompanying us. By remembering our ancestors during this period, we get a reminder of the transit that our ancestors has made when letting go of the life on earth and crossing over to the other side, maybe the biggest transformation in life that one can experience. We will reflect closer on this and honouring our ancestors for giving us life. 

The objective of this retreat is to live through a whole cycle of transformation, the art of letting go of the old and the art of inviting the new. We will make space to integrate transformation mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that we can continue our journey with strength and clarity. We will honour and celebrate life just as it is in the surroundings of  the warm Andalusian nature. 

The objective of this retreat is to live through a whole cycle of transformation, the art of letting go of the old and the art of inviting the new. We will make space to integrate transformation mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that we can continue our journey with strength and clarity. We will honour and celebrate life just as it is in the surroundings of  the warm Andalusian nature. 

Villa La Sueca is a little paradise at the foothills, leading us to various hiking trails with breathtaking views.

While staying in the beautiful retreat centre Villa la Sueca in Spain, we will always have the element of Water-the Sea close to us. On one of the retreat days we will do a hike in a natural park close to a nearby village with stunning views over the sea to the “Hidden Paradise at the end of the World Beach”. During the hike we will discover the land and nature. On this remote and people empty beach we will greet and honour the stunning Mediterranean Sea, where we will create a ceremony of the Spiral of Transformation. 

The diet during the retreat will follow a vegan/vegetarian, alkaline & raw food principles. Since this is a transformational retreat we will focus on eating light and nutritious so that we will be able to absorb clarity and abundance in the best way.


Each day you will be served a nutritious breakfast with porridge with nuts and ecological and seasonal fruits from Costa Tropical. October is the best month for fruit harvest. We will eat mango, chirimoya, banana, papaya, grapes and avocado, all grown in the region.

The lunch and dinner will likewise be a plant based meal with ecological vegetables from the local farmers all grown with permaculture principals and love.

 For those interested in morning sessions, three options await you: 


We offer intermediate/advanced yoga, focusing on Yin, smooth Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, starting at 7:00 AM. This is followed by gentler yoga focus on Breath and do a little more intermediate yoga. You can choose to participate in any one of the three morning sessions or all of them to maximize your experience. The last session at 9:00 am involves breathworks/pranayama to elevate energy levels, initiating internal cleansing, activating the body, improving digestion, enhancing sleep, boosting creativity, and overall energy. During the they day we will explore with Biodanza Session and Transformation Breathworks and other activities. 

This is your opportunity to explore various yoga forms, each contributing to renewal, grounding, activation, and natural purification of the body in a beautiful way.


Special Deals

Price for the retreat in SEK.

First four people 12 000 

First Early Bird til 30 of June, 13 000 

Second Early Bird til 31 of July,13 500

Last call 1-31 of August 14 000


Creativity is Freedom. Unleash yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and create without worrying about whether it's ugly, in a strange shape, or funny. Just revel in the creative process and enjoy every moment.


Benna and Anette realized their dream of moving to Spain in 2017 when they purchased the stunning and intimate property now known as Villa La Sueca.

Anette a recognized painter and artist, has her creative studio overlooking the sea and mountains, where she creates art and leads various creative workshops, keeping the artistic spirit alive at Villa La Sueca.

Benna is a well-known musician in Sweden. Benna creates musical events with a variety of musical influences. T
hey open their home for retreats with self-development in focus.

Instead of seeking fame among the stars in Hollywood, they have created something similar here. Artists come and plant their own tree, just like Nanne Grönwall and other famous artists in Sweden.


Unlock your artistic potential with our




Dive into the world of creativity,

reflectio. A great envoriment for creativity.

Picture yourself amidst the breathtaking cenery,

painting the majestic mountains and



Join the vibrant workshops hosted by

Anette for an immersive artistic


At Anette Rindebratt Studio.

Anette will be hosting an art workshop a full day. We will  start  the day with yoga in the morning and the workshop and lunch. 

Check more about Anette what:

Additional Service: Thermal Bath!

PHOTO-2024-04-16-12-14-16 2.jpg


Paid on Spot! Swish/Cash.

We will also and have the opportunity to cleanse with the element of Water by going to a hidden treasure  and natural wonder amongst olive groves in the Granadian Sierra Nevada Mountains- The hidden 46 degrees Hot Thermal Natural Springs which are filled with minerals from the centre of the earth! There our purpose and  main focus is to cleanse, relax, nurture ourselves, and shed our old skin, just as a serpent in transformation. The place is naturally magical and we will find white clay to revitalize our whole being. 


Benefits of Thermal Baths:

  • Stress Reduction: The warm waters help soothe the nervous system, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

  • Pain Relief: Heat from the water can relieve pain associated with arthritis, muscle strains, and other physical ailments.

  • Improved Circulation: The heat helps dilate blood vessels, boosting circulation and promoting healthier blood flow.

  • Detoxification: Sweating in the warm water can help flush toxins from the body, aiding in detoxification.

  • Skin Benefits: Minerals in thermal water can nourish and hydrate the skin, improving its texture and appearance.

Join us for a thermal bath experience to rejuvenate your body, calm your mind, and restore your spirit. Ideal for enhancing overall wellness and vitality


A walk to Nerja or the beach!