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COME WITH US THE 10 mars 2024



We are updating the transformations retreat we had to change it to one day so prices and program are change.  it cost now 1111 kr. During the day we will change the text and to remember the Transformations Breathworks are in focus, let go self, mastering and inner healing.

Go according to you and renew new energy and awareness  off yourself a great Transformation Retreat with Earthly Life School LILLA KVARNBYN GÖTAFORSLIDEN HOS POWERFUL LIVING

Embark on an inner journey of profound transformation, where you will delve into the depths of your being to heal long-held traumas and to let go off things that stress you. A way to renew energy. Our transformative retreat, featuring Transformation Breathworks, offers a unique approach to addressing trauma and heavy burdens on a profound level through silent therapy and the expressive use of voice. Release, shake, and dance as you detox with nourishing alkaline foods, including fruits, tea, and nuts. Experience cellular coding, Breath Yoga, a simply land into the flow. Immerse yourself in a Gong Bath and meditation for a holistic healing experience. Join us for a captivating retreat that goes beyond words, inviting you to let go and embrace your inner transformation.
Anayah will provide guidance, and with assistance from Samson, a healing circle will be held.

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1111 SEK

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where the benefits of Breathworks bring forth healing and trauma release through the profound practice of conscious breathing. This retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your being and shed the heavy life loads that hinder your progress.

Experience the power of Breathworks, a method that goes beyond traditional therapy, tapping into the therapeutic benefits of conscious breathing. We create a space for profound healing and self-discovery, allowing the breath to become a tool for transformation, unlocking hidden traumas and promoting overall well-being.

Join us in seizing the day, embracing the wisdom gained from life's challenges, and turning adversity into strength. Open your heart to love, acceptance, and the authentic expression of your true self. Dare to step into the sacred space with Anayah,' where authenticity and self-discovery pave the way to a higher version of yourself, reaching even the subconscious mind. Let go of stuck energy and emotions, allowing the monkey mind to quiet down, and watch as the ego fades away to reveal the power of the subconscious mind.













Through breathworks, Kundalini, Breath yoga, and detox food, alkaline food. Detoxify your body, mind, and align your spirit. This retreat is a transformative experience where you release the old to welcome the new. New energy is embraced, old traumas are shed.  We will earth fruits, nuts, smoothies, tea.  And we will make an preparation about 1-2 days before retreat start for a more powerful transformation.

New transformative breathwork retreat infused with Kundalini yoga, meditation, reflection, Voice & Sound through body, cell code, heal your self through KI energy, powerful breathing techniques. Over two days, we focus on our lungs, well-being, and letting go while reprogramming our minds from negativity. It's a dynamic and potent retreat where healing takes place, deepening your connection with yourself and inviting in fresh energy. Letting go is a central part of this experience.

During these two days, we breathe deeply, follow our breath, shake our bodies, and work with our energy system through breathwork and Kundalini yoga. Our focus is on pure and white tantric energy.

Before the retreat, we prepare the body with some detox and a simple colon cleanse. It's advised to eat lightly 1-2 days before the retreat. Throughout the retreat, we'll consume fruits, nuts, and smoothies. Anayah will guide two transformative breathwork sessions where you'll reach profound inner states and release control. We  will be with you throughout, and will be present to offer support and assistance as needed by the group. It's crucial not to have a full stomach during the breathwork, so we eat very little beforehand. For example, you can have a banana and a cup of tea before the Transformation Breathworks to get the best results.


Cost: 1111 kr Book your spot now!

"If you are facing financial challenges, please reach out to us. You can also opt for a partial payment or receive a reduction by contributing to the retreat Seva Service. We have 1-2 spots available for that, and 1-2 spots for those who genuinely need recovery and have no energy to contribute. Don't hesitate to contact us! We genuinely love assisting people in their recovery journey, especially during challenging times. This retreat caters to all levels, allowing you to progress at your own pace."

RETREAT Info The program is dynamic, adjusting to the group and its needs.

10 mars2024

Bring if you can white clothes and clothes that are comfortable.

Dont eat in the morning. if you take medications eat just little and let us know your health condition. Contact us for any questions.

 We start around 9.00 - 19.00 hours 


We commence with a sharing session, navigating through the retreat program and setting intentions. Bring a pen and paper for reflection to let go. Engage in shaking and free dance to warm up the body for breathworks. Circle for intention, let go.  After we take a little break for personal time, tea, and preparation, we delve into transformation breathwork, accompanied by the vibrations of the gong throughout the retreat. 

Following the breathwork, we have lunch with fruit smoothies, fruits, nuts, and tea.


The retreat is  focusing on mastering oneself being able to see yourself and patterns recognise even those small subtle feelings to come inta afeeling genuinely satisfied and deep cleansing process.. Afterward we, settle into silence, reflecting on what's happening within, and take some rest.

Cell code and we will get tools to work with KI ENERGI.

The day concludes with ample time for reflection and integration. We end with meditation and circle healing with Samson.






Book by registering with Anayah Roots Norlin at contact@earthlylifeschool or fill out our inquiry form. A registration fee of 500 SEK is required to guarantee your spot. Payment information will be sent via email. A booking fee of 500 SEK must be paid to secure your spot and is non-refundable or pay full payment on 1111 sek 500 kr will still be kept. This covers administrative costs.


Booking is done through Swish: 123 104 00 96 or invoicing or at our page check our webshop. Payment to Anayah is made separately through Swish/Stripe, Paypal, or invoicing. We hold an FA Tax Certificate.



Additional information about payment details will be sent via email from Anayah at Earthly Life School. Installment payments are entirely possible. Contact us to arrange multiple installments based on your situation.  There is no Accommodation on this retreat and meals are included in the price. Receipt or invoice will be provided. The Transformatin retreat can also be deducted as a health trip. Use your friskvård bidrag.



In case of cancellation one month before, a 50% refund is applicable. No cancellations are accepted within one week, except with a valid medical certificate, in which case, you may be transferred to another workshop. As we invest a significant amount of time and effort into our work, we find this policy fair to everyone involved. In case of illness, a  new medical certificate is required in 30 days before the retreat for an 85% refund, as we must ensure our costs are covered.



We will ask questions about your health condition, and it's important that you answer honestly. We do not take responsibility; this is a safe therapy, and it's very important that you are honest. Pregnant individuals, people with a newly operated heart, or a pacemaker cannot participate in this. If you are/have any of these conditions, we can provide private guidance and alternative exercises for transformation, gradually working towards the goal.


Car to Mölndal or Tramp. Uber or Bolt



We enforce a zero-tolerance policy for violence, both verbal and physical, in accordance with yogic principles (Ahimsa). Involvement in violence requires guests to leave without a refund.


Our RETREAT Services




Book Anayah for a breathwork session online. We are in the process of setting up links so sessions can be held on Zoom or WhatsApp. Currently, we haven't scheduled sessions yet, but we will have a booking system available soon on our website. For now, please contact us at




After the retreat, join our workshops for those in need of more transformational breathwork. We understand how many sessions we may need as we go through the breathwork. Your body, soul, and mind know. We will hold transformational breathwork sessions once a month in Mölndal.

SE OUR SCHEDULE. Click below...



Relaxation up in the mountains, with a fantastic view, pool, mountains all around, and a winding road down the hill, the sea down there for swimming. Walking distance to Nerja. Morning Yoga, Biodanza, a fresh blend of alkaline & raw food vegetarian/vegan meals. Breathworks and painting/sketch workshop. See what's included, click here. (under update)"


Götaforsliden 15 
Powerful Living Locals in
Mölndal, Gothenburg,Swe.

There is no accomindation. If you need help find a hostel. Contact us.

° Wear comfortable clothes, preferably in white, but it's not mandatory. However, prioritize comfort and consider bringing something a bit warmer for the sessions.


° Bring a pen and paper.


° Avoid eating in the morning.


° Start a 1-2 day cleansing detox or  1 week before the retreat, watch breathworks videos to enhance your lung capacity.


Note: Pregnant individuals and those who have recently undergone heart surgery should not participate.

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The main teacher and organizer, specializing in sound healing, transformation coaching, yoga, and detox.


Anayah Roots Levi (Norlin) - Yoga & Sound Healing Teacher, Spiritual Guide, and Breathwork Coach. Musician & Artist, Multiskilled since childhood. It has always been a journey of creativity and spirituality, which I developed in various forms. Anayah is one off the  founder at Earthly Life School.

My journey in the world of movement began at the age of 3, dancing until I was 20, with three years in a dance school and an additional year focused on music. Currently, I freelance in yoga, sound/music art, and music.

With over 2000 hours of experience, I specialize in Sound Healing Gong Bath and conduct sessions regularly, playing 10 times a week. I work with private clients for trauma release and coach individuals on both ends of the health spectrum, from the sick to the healthy, with a focus on trauma release through breathwork and inner healing.

My educational background includes:

  • Breathwork Coach (2019-2024)

  • Breath Master

  • Woman Holistic Health (2018)

  • Tantra, Hatha Yoga (2003, Kho Phangan)

  • Kashish Yoga 200h (Mixed styles: Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga)

  • Rootlight Kundalini Yoga (Kundalini Level 1, 2019)

I have extensive experience working as a transformation coach and have also undergone training in Tai Chi (2018) and Shaolin (2022).

My lifestyle aligns with alkaline principles.

As an artist, I've toured both nationally and internationally, focusing on music and relase album and vinyls works as international artist. Additionally, I conduct workshops and deepn on trauma release through transformation breathwork.

I've had the privilege of learning from notable teachers such as Shi Heng Yi, Satay Ji, Gurudass Kaur Khalsa, and Brian Kelly.

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Healer will play a supportive role at the retreat, offering assistance and conducting healing sessions to provide valuable support throughout the event.


  1. Samson is passionate about supporting people on their spiritual journey. His own spiritual adventure began in 2013 when he decided to undergo reiki training. The following year, he continued his studies and trained as a medium. In 2014, he finally certified as an Angelic Reiki Healer. During his time with us, he leads Healing Circle sessions in a group and can also provide private healing treatments/sessions, where he often shares images, symbols, and messages.

  2. During the meditation, Samson channels healing to each one of you. The healing increases your energy flow and circulation while releasing blockages, supporting the mind in recovery. It creates a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. The healing is tailored to strengthen your inner healing work, a beautiful and transformative process for your unique soul. Here, you can release the pressure to perform and simply allow yourself to receive the healing.

  3. Lie comfortably on the mat and receive healing from Samson. The healing enters and heals whatever needs healing in the body, whether it's at the cellular level, physical, energetic, or spiritual. What you need will come to you.

  4. A bit of information about me: I am an intuitive healer with the ability to see and feel energies and interpret symbols. During the meditation, I provide healing to each one of you. The healing increases energy flow and circulation while releasing blockages, supporting the mind in recovery. It creates a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. The healing is tailored to you and your unique situation. Here, you can release the pressure to perform and simply allow yourself to receive the healing.

In July 2023 I attended Anayah´s 2 days Transformational breathwork and can really recommend it as a stepping stone to new beginnings. We got to work with negative thought patterns in our minds as well as with healing our inner childs. It was physically and emotionally challenging work, but it felt completely safe in the intimate atmosphere Anayah and other guides provided. I also liked the sensory moments -from salvia cleaning to healing sounds of gongs, or experimenting with expressing our emotions through dance.


Anayah prepared wonderful raw food for us (seeds, fruits, chia puddings, smoothies) and I realised that I wasn't hungry as usual even a few days after the workshop- the food was  filling.


After the course I felt directly that my long established emotions like sadness disappeared and got replaced by a new feeling of security, self-compassion. Through the eyes of Eckhart Tolle it can be said that the pain body dissolved. I found it also interesting that the mental lightness projected on the physical level too. In my Ashtanga yoga practice I was able to be more flexible and enter more positions than I could before.


Through the course I solved past (childhood) as well as present mental blocks, and I took with me new tools to work with- Anayah recommended breathing techniques to follow on a daily basis. So all in all - very positive experience! Thank you 

Barbora K


Alexa Young, CA

OUR SERVICES 2024. Find out more...

Exceeds your expectations."





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