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Freelance Artist

Anayah Roots is an artist whose work flows from her emotions and dreams, capturing her creative spirit on canvas. A member of KKV, she specializes in textile, screen printing, graphics, and digital knitting, honing her craft in a professional setting. She also belongs to Bildverkstaden, a collective that provides artists and photographers with essential resources and equipment.

Recognized for her leadership and creativity, Anayah has been awarded a cultural scholarship for her impactful work in community art initiatives. Her artistic journey began in childhood with dance at age 3 and music at 5, and later expanded into yoga, which she embraced at 22. Anayah's formal education includes studies at Nya Domen Art School and in film.

Throughout her career, Anayah has participated in various collaborative projects and exhibitions. Her notable contributions include artworks for the City Library, murals for restaurants, and design of logos and studio art. Each piece reflects her deep connection to her artistic vision and her community.

Anayah Roots Art

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